Purchasing 3780 BSC/RJE Emulation Products

Purchasing 3780 BSC/RJE Emulation

Hopefully this web site has provided you with some good background information on the subject of IBM 3780 BSC/RJE communications and modern day bisync emulation. If you are in the market to purchase bisync and/or 3780 emulation, you might find that asking yourself, and any potential vendor, the following questions is helpful in determining your needs and the best possible solution.

Before attempting to contact a potential vendor of bisync and/or 3780 emulation products, it would be helpful if you have answers to the following questions:

Q: What kind of modem will I be connecting with at the remote site? Is there any way to find out if I don't know?

Q: Do I need single or multiple concurrent connections?

Q: Are my requirements essentially to send and receive files, or are they more transaction oriented (e.g., doing credit card authorizations using bisync)?

Should you be in the market to purchase 3780 emulation products, you may want to ask these questions of any potential vendor:

Q: Will I also need to purchase a modem?

Q: Are there any hidden costs? What about support? Annual maintenance?

Q: Does your product support AutoSync? Is AutoSync even an option for my specific requirements?

Q: Is a general-purpose 3780 emulation package suitable for my needs or would I be better served with an API-oriented product?

Q: If your answer to the multiple concurrent port question above was "yes", does your product support multiple connections from a single PC?

When you are ready to make a purchase or if you would like to locate a 3780 RJE emulation supplier, click here to be taken to the web site of a leading 3780 emulation provider. You may prefer to do a search for 3780 or 3780 emulation on Google or your favorite search engine.
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